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Development of Black Box Alert System for Accident Detection

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STVSAV Ramya,M.Manikanta Sharan,B.Sai Vyshnavi,B.Indrani


Since many vehicles are more likely to collide in today's world, many lives have been lost. There may have been a window of opportunity to save lives at that time, but it was very unlikely due to a lack of knowledge, resources, and access. Thanks to our program, you will never again have to worry about addressing that problem. A car's security system would be useless without the accelerometer. Possible dangerous driving behaviors might be detected using an accelerometer-based sensor. In this experiment, we monitored the time immediately before, during, and after a collision by means of an accelerometer sensor. In the case of an accident, the authorities will be alerted with the license plate number and emergency contact information. As soon as they get the warning, authorities will know precisely where the accident happened. Once the location has been verified, we may go ahead. A lot of automobiles contain central locking systems, such door locking systems, which might cause issues when employed in a new context. If there's no key, there's no way in. This effort brings us closer to resolving the issue at hand. The use of GSM Technology is being considered for this goal.

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