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Design & Implementation of a Novel approach for Efficiency Improvement of Solar panels using Solar Concentration with amalgamation of Reflectors & Cooling

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Vinod Kumar1 , Dr. Rajeev Ratan , Dr. J. V. Desai


Concentrated photovoltaic technology, often known as CPV, utilises optics like mirrors and lenses to concentrate sunlight on solar cells in order to create electricity. When compared to nonconcentrated photo-voltaic, concentrated photo-voltaic have the benefit of requiring a lesser amount of solar cells to generate the same quantity of electricity. In addition to the length of time that PV modules are exposed to sunlight and its intensity, temperature has a significant influence on their performance. High temperatures have a significant negative effect on output power. In this academic paper, the topic of increasing the competence of solar panels via the usage of mirrors & a cooling system is discussed. These indicators are not only affordable but also easy to use and do not need for any extra tools or devices to function properly. CPV, on the other hand, performs well in the presence of intense light so long as the solar cells are cooled by a hotness sink. Therefore, the total efficiency of the solar panel should be improved. Experiments are contrasted in which reflectors were used but there was no cooling present (case a), reflectors were used but there was no cooling present (case b), and reflectors were used but there was cooling present (case c). The equivalent findings from other configurations, which reveal efficiency increases of up to 30 percent in instance (b) & 50 percent in instance (c)

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