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Communication Skills: A Psychological Contrivance for Professionals and Students

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Nidhi Mathur, Nimmi Agarwal , Rahul Saxena ,Jyoti Batra


Communication skill, an important psychological tool for the professionals, is also called an effective language which includes all verbal and non-verbal communication behaviors performed in the presence of others or perceived either consciously or unconsciously.It has a greater level of significance and utility and a more significant impact on audience communication. According to recent research, nonverbal communication is important for a variety of normal processes that contribute to personal development. These processes include academic success and improvement for students, improving an employee's performance at work, ensuring proper understanding and effectively communicating an instructor's instructions, among other things. However, the studies related to determine the effect of various types of nonverbal communication skillon academic and professional growth of students and professionals are scanty and psychological mechanism behind it is not yet fully elucidated which reflect the need of further investigation. This article reviews an introductory overview covering the current concepts related to non-verbal communication skills, its role on academic and professional growth of students and professionals of different streams and specialization.

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