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Assessment of Water Quality Parameters in different points of Pulivendula Constituency

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Fr Dr.T.Amala Arockia Raj.SJ, Dr.M . Muniya Naik ,Dr.D.Veera Nagendra Kumar, G.Sankaraiah ,M.Obula Reddy, S.Nagendra ,V.Uday Kiran, M.Rama mohan,L.Nagaraju, P.Venkata Viswa Prasad.


Water is crucial in forming the terrain and regulating the climate. It is one of the most vital molecules that have a significant impact on life. Water quality is often defined by its physical, chemical and biological properties. Rapid industrialization and the uncontrolled use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture are producing heavy and diverse pollution in the aquatic environment, resulting in deterioration of water quality and biota depletion. Water-borne diseases affect the human population as a result of the usage of contaminated water. As a result, the water quality must be checked at regular intervals. Temperature, pH, Turbidity, Salinity, Nitrates and Phosphates are some of the parameters that can be measured. An examination of aquatic macro invertebrates can also provide information about water quality. Water samples were taken from several spots throughout the Pulivendula Constituency and tested for various water quality criteria. The research was carried out in the ground water areas of Lingala, Vemula, Ippatla, Gondipalli and Ambhakapalli. The physical, biological and chemical properties of ground and surface water are being determined at various places in this investigation.

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