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A Study to Assess the Psychosocial Problems and Quality of Life among Transgender in Puducherry

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S. Arun Kumar , Ayee. A


Background: Transgender is an umbrella term that describes people whose gender identity or expression does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. Transgender are most among the vulnerable and marginalized population in all over the India. Transgender people are stigmatised in our society and are being discriminated in every aspect of life. They are faced with a multitude psychosocial problem it starts from in early childhood and it continues throughout their lifespan. Aim: To assess the psychosocial problems and quality of life among transgender. Materials and Methods: A descriptive survey research design was undertaken in SCOHD Society (Sahodaran community-oriented health development), Puducherry and Pookkal association in (Ariyankuppam). Around 215 transgender were selected based on the inclusion criteria through Non probability convenience sampling technique. Data collection was performed based on the interview schedule, demographic variables, DASS 21 scale, & WHOBREF scale. The data was analysed by descriptive and inferential statistics. Result: The present study findings revealed that, relationship between the psychosocial problems of depression (r=-0.361), anxiety (r=-0.257), stress (r=-0.354) and quality of life had a negative correlation, which clearly infers when depression, anxiety and stress level increase, the quality of life automatically get decreased. Hence the P value is < 0. 0001. Conclusion: The transgender was exposed to have increased psychosocial problems of depression, anxiety and stress, they have a poor quality of life.

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