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“A Study on Consumer Perception of Electric Vehicles in the Maharashtra State: An Analytical Approach for Creating a Future Roadmap”

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r.Ramayan Bhimal Yadav, Dr.Harish Dilip Kalan


This study aims to understand the consumer perception towards electric vehicles in the Maharashtra, providing an analytical approach for creating a future roadmap. The research focuses on identifying the factors influencing consumer attitudes and preferences towards electric vehicles, and the potential barriers to adoption. ‘Global warming’, 'Greenpeace', and ‘Ozone Layer Depletion’ are terms with which almost everyone is quite familiar. As society becomes more concerned with the natural environment, businesses also have to adopt environmental concerns as their corporate social responsibility. Marketing environmentally friendly products is called green marketing. In recent years, the automobile sector has been one of the major reasons behind global warming due to its high carbon emissions. So as a social responsibility, it is necessary to promote green vehicles in the Indian market through automobiles. Industries to reduce its effect on the environment. Green marketing can be considered to be contributing towards enhancing the environmental performance of industry and an important element of the evolution of the Indian automobile industry as it responds to challenges of environmental regulations, increasing customer expectations, and economic pressure. This report, essentially, provides an in-depth study of the consumer’s attitude and perceptions towards green vehicles. It tries to answer fundamental questions that affect the awareness level and preference of consumers to opt for an environment-friendly car over a normal car.

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