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A Saga of the Overzealous Adoption of Industrialization : An Analysis of the theme of the ‘Mechanization of the Human Beings’ in Charles Dicken’s Hard Time (1854)

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Ms. Mrinalini B Chavan


The research explores the presentation with a panoramic picture of the victims reflecting the cause and consequences of “Hard Times” with the mechanization of human beings. This study provides insight on Dickens’s “Hard Times” as mechanization imposed on men. It is based on the argument of the social commentary on England for the objective of achieving social reforms. The purpose the study was to analyse “Hard Times” for the adoption of industrialization with the practice to convert human beings into machines. Its main aim is to enhance the development of nations and increase the rate of growth in the industry. The study investigates about the pragmatic and aesthetic impact of “Hard Times”. Motivation of the study is to understand the proper adaptation of industrialization that transforms humans into machines

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