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A Literature Review of Prosthodontic Concepts of Occlusion

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Dr Puja Malhotra, Dr Rajiv Kumar Gupta, Dr Mansi Singh


Since many years ago, dentistry has extensively investigated occlusion and its relationship to the stomatognathic system's function. The papers in this series talk about occlusion with implants, fixed partial dentures, and complete dentures. The first and second parts of this article series explain the theories and principles of full denture occlusion. In terms of comfort, mastication, phonetics, and aesthetics, totally edentulous patients have yet to find an optimal tooth form or occlusal arrangement that meets their needs.Since then, the literature has presented a number of balanced and nonbalanced articulation concepts. Due to dental contacts seen during patients' non-functional activities, a balanced articulation seems to be the most suitable. This article explores the development of several occlusal schemes and occlusion principles in total denture occlusion.

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